About Us

Vest Unlimited is the nationís #1 online destination for motorcycle vests. We specialize solely in leather and textile vests to be able to bring you the best quality, service, and the lowest price possible. We are owned and operated by people that have been in the motorcycle industry for over twenty years, and yes most of us do actually ride (the ones that donít are passengers). Our aim is to bring you the best customer service in the business and we made sure we have the right people in place to help you. Furthermore, we know everyone doesnít need the best naked cowhide in the business (but we have it!), so we carry everything from leather for the price conscious to high end naked cowhide, and all the stuff in between. We know our leather vests like we know our families and we stand behind our quality 100% and offer a full 30-day return and low price guarantee.

Leather motorcycle gear is more than just a fashion statement; it is highly practical, protective wear for those who are out on the open roads. Leather is soft, yet highly durable, breathable and thick enough to deflect much of the potential scrapes, and scratches that can occur when wearing less suitable clothing. Vest Unlimited takes pride in carrying only the best quality leather products from known and unknown brands alike. Our vests cover everyoneís needs; from our MCís to our lone wolves, we carry some of the latest motorcycle leather and textile designs available on the market today, that meet and exceed quality expectations.

VestUnlimited.com is designed to help you navigate easily through our product offerings and make sure you web experience is simple and secure. Our shipping is fast; and during the week usually out our door within one day (weekends excluded). Orders over $99 receive free shipping, and our exchange and returns policy is one of the best in the business.